Management of Foreign Assignments on-site

“Our people do not need a babysitter” or “How could a culture-advisor make a difference here?” are occasionally the initial responses we receive before presenting Kulturtaucher's service portfolio.

Give yourself a deeper insight and convince yourself that Kulturtaucher will create significant added value for your projects in India.

International large-scale projects often require the long-term presence of contractors. Kulturtaucher is prepared to be your partner with an integrated range of first-rate services in India – for as long as you need us to be there.

Kulturtaucher knows the difficulties of living and working in India and adopts a flexible approach to solve all of your problems.

  • Our core concept is grounded on an ingenious combination of selected and related subfields around the foreign assignment of your employees to India.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Global Transfer Management
  • Relocation Services
  • Projekt Administration
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Let us develop new, practically oriented strategies and create a complete “out-source” package for your on-site support and collaboration during your time in India.