I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

Professional escort to India – the heart of our philosophy

Only personal experience through all senses provides a sustainable understanding of India’s culture. This represents the core of Kulturtaucher’s philosophy.

First hand experience is the ultimate in intercultural learning and Kulturtaucher guides you while you take your initial steps in India.

A personal “Orientation Guide” shows you the way. He helps to cushion the first inevitable cultural shocks, he reduces the fears of contacts and equips you with the competency to (re-)act appropriately. But of course we encourage you to apply your existing cultural knowledge and compare it with your own culture.

Speed up the process of intercultural learning and reach a level of independent and culturally appropriate interaction more quickly.
Your curiosity and readiness for self-reflection will prove to be valuable instruments.

Kulturtaucher accompanies families on orientation tours (“Look-and-see trips”), escorts managers with their entourage on business trips and is happy to organize incentive trips for you. Through our broad network in India we are able to provide you with flexible and uncomplicated assistance.

Send us information about your specific challenges, let us inspire you with our ideas and get the most out of your time in India.