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To really understand Indian culture, you have to dive into it!

Welcome to Kulturtaucher India

Kulturtaucher is an India specialist offering customised intercultural services.

The recently coined German word “Kulturtaucher” perfectly conveys the core idea behind our intercultural services. The word's literal translation into English is “Culture-diver”: Become a Culture-diver and let us help you dive into India to obtain an in-depth understanding of the country and its culture. Without hands-on experience, you will never be able to grow into and adapt to India’s social and business environments.

Not only do we provide our clients with an ideal preparation for their personal India challenges, we also guide them step-by-step along the way – acting as a mission-focused, exclusive on-site partner.

  • Kulturtaucher has plenty to offer:

  • expertise in all business issues regarding foreign assignments in India,
  • longstanding experience in business cooperation with Indians, and
  • the necessary practical experience, motivation and commitment to provide invaluable on-site support.

Kulturtaucher provides you with a basic concept upon which we jointly develop ideas further and find customised solutions to your individual Indian challenges.

Benefit from our enthusiasm and our determination and let us become your best possible partner in India.