India’s culture is on a different wavelength – Kulturtaucher tunes you in on it!

The variety of human existence flourishes in its full glory in India. Here you experience contrasts beyond imagination and you have to see them in order to understand them. Talking about India, the German writer Ilija Trojanow comes right to the point:

“Look around and you will find yourself on a roller-coaster of emotions: disgust follows delight, in a split second you feel infatuated, just to find yourself in sheer despair a moment later, soon to feel reconciled again before sunset. Some may return home with disconcerting memories, but no one I know would have wanted to miss them.”

This is the context of India’s current growth: an apparently unstoppable development from the former “poorhouse of the world” to a center of power with increasing influence on today’s political, economic and cultural affairs.

India’s enormous complexity and dazzling extremes require your mind to do the splits. An exercise which we would like to teach you carefully and thoroughly.

Inside India, inside life!

Especially for rule-oriented Europeans and Americans the Indian everyday life often seems to be completely chaotic. Check your personal reaction on videos of selected Indian everyday situations.