Kulturtaucher is an independent company, but sees itself as part of a broad network sharing one idea. Kulturtaucher is proud to present the following list of friends and partners:

Maya India Maya India supports small and medium sized European companies to enter successfully into the Indian market. A group of highly skilled consultants offers Indo-European Business Development services such as market analysis and business strategies for various industries.
Indien Aktuell Indien Aktuell is an online portal for entrepreneurs and consumers. The forum allows you to exchange experiences and questions regarding India with a large fan community.
Trainerzertifikat The Department for Intercultural Business Communication at the University of Jena and „interculture.de“ offer the degree “Intercultural Trainer and Coach”. This certified programme has received several awards, including the “Arbeitgeberpreis für Bildung” (Employer’s Award for Education, 2006), the Top3 European E-Learning-Award (2008) and the “Innovativprodukt der Initiative Mittelstand” (Innovative Product by the Initiative for Medium-sized Businesses, 2008).
Thomas Staender Thomas Stander is the CEO of TheSeminar. Since 1996 he has organized and hosted training seminars for intercultural negotiation and communication. His work focuses on cross-cultural team building events, cooperation in virtual teams and methodical management consulting.
Visa and Expats Consulting Barbara Rietsch is specialized in entry visa and work permits across Germany for international qualified employees, especially IT experts from India. She has excellent contacts with German offices for immigration, employment and social insurance, as well as with the German consulate in Chennai. She also focuses on personnel care for project members of Indian IT companies in Germany.

Daniela in Indien

“Daniela in India” is a sociologist and has lived with her husband in India since 2002. She is a very talented writer and almost daily she reports about life in India. Come in and, like many others, become a fan of her blog.