Recent Reference Project:

Bombardier Transportation Delhi Metro Project

After several successful intercultural training sessions in Germany for future Bombardier India expatriates, Kulturtaucher was selected to provide on-site support for Bombardier's HR and GTM (Global Transfer Management) departments during the Delhi Metro Project.

The huge-project, involving the supply of 424 MOVIA-metro carriages, culminated in the testing and commissioning of the first metro trains in the early summer and autumn of 2009, when up to 120 additional experts were required in Delhi.

During the project, Kulturtaucher was responsible for ensuring the international workforce's comfort, welfare and all other non-work related issues.

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"Many thanks for the valuable support! The fact, that everyone could make his way home unscathed, speaks for itself. Great job!"

Karoly Csurgay

Project Director Delhi Metro Project RS2

"Mr. Scholl very well made sure that in this extremely challenging environment the employees easily settled in and were able to concentrate on the job quickest possible. He had responded very well to the complex Bombardier environment and quickly made significant, positive impacts on the operations. Simon Scholl has been a very dynamic support who was highly appreciated by the management and the employees he looked after. We would like to thank Mr. Scholl for the very successful cooperation and his extraordinary dedication."

Erik Ryll

Director Human Resources India

"Thanks for the full heart support. Hope to see you around in India"

Barbara Luck

Consultant Material - Warrantymanager

"Invaluable contribution and support from your side towards a successful cooperation and co-ordination between Bombardier and Oberoi Hotels in New Delhi. Unable to express in words, our gratitude towards your professionalism and work for a smooth and continuous process on a daily basis. Those feedbacks and your always helpful spirit of bailing us out of so many tricky and difficult situations are some of your great attributes. I am hopeful that you will be back in India and we will have more chances to work with each other again in the near future. Wish you great success ahead in your future endeavours!"

Ashish Sikand

Sales Manager, The Oberoi Group

"A true Indian by nature, maybe by virtue. But exploring India and spreading its culture to your loved and professional ones is a big achievement. We wish you come back and all the best."

Nirbhay Chaturvedi

Material - Warrantymanager

"1000 thanks from my heart. For all you have done for me and my familiy to give us the confidence to start in India. I enjoyed the time with you and I will miss you. You have done a great job for Bombardier and all associated. I wish you and Tina good luck for your future plans...."

Jens Maulick

Project Quality Manager