We keep track of all your questions – at best all the way to India!

Kulturtaucher invites internationally operating companies to rethink the classical expatriate management of their employees and assignees. India’s uniqueness confronts us all with unique challenges. Kulturtaucher offers you a service that helps you master, like no other, the complexity and cross-cultural challenges of transnational corporations acting in India.

Kulturtaucher is innovative, practical, committed, reliable and individual.

Kulturtaucher addresses your specific needs, no matter which phase of your “personal Indian challenge” you are going through.

  • Reduce your business risks whilst in India and profit from these advantages Kulturtaucher can offer you:

  • a single, interdisciplinary full range of services from one reliable source
  • well prepared and motivated employees for foreign assignments in India
  • increased appeal of India as a business location and temporary home
  • optimised personnel decisions
  • significant savings in time and especially money
  • improved image of an open-minded and careful global player

We look forward to the first “dive” with you!